Rock Your Shoot: 5 Healthy Snack Ideas

5 Healthy Snacks for Photoshoots

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Happy New Year! This post is quite different than my normal posts, but my plan for this year is to branch out on my blog content and bring my readers more information on “behind the scenes” – what really goes into your photoshoot and life! Stay tuned for beauty tips, fashion inspiration and more healthy food posts in the new year to help you ROCK YOUR SHOOT! If you make any of these foods, be sure to post online with the hashtag #rockyourshoot 🙂

I know that today everybody will be starting their new health and fitness routines! I thought that it would be proper to start New Year’s Day with some delicious healthy and super easy to make snacks that will help you sustain and keep you slim! Having good nutrition is so important in your life – and making sure that you’ve got energy and are in good spirits during your photoshoot can make the world of difference. For this post I teamed up with Edith Clogg who is a nutritionist in the Washington, DC area.

Food shoot behind the scenes

Edith prepares yummy and healthy snacks!

Life happens and people get busy but it’s important to keep yourself well fed throughout the day. Whether you’re going into a rehearsal, long day of meetings, travel or your photoshoot with me, you may want to pack some of these snacks for the long haul (and to help you from hitting the vending machine or drive-thru). I’ll let Edith take it from here…

From Edith:

“When done correctly, snacking can help maintain energy levels, meet nutrient needs, and help you make it through your workday, photo shoot, or through the kid’s homework, guilt-free! The trick to snacking for health? Choose nutrient-rich foods and filling combos of protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates like these 5 on-the-go, easy to fix, delicious and best of all… good for YOU snacks!

1. Fruit & Nut Trail Mix

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Edith:  Dried fruit gives a good source of quick energy and nuts have heart-healthy fats as well as protein to help keep you from crashing so you can stay energized throughout your photo shoot or workday! Mix 1/2 cup of any dried fruit like raisins (my favorite are dried cranberries or quartered dried figs) + 1/2 cup of any mixture of almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, or peanuts. Divide the total mixture into 4 bags and top off each bag with 3 or 4 dark chocolate morsels to boost your antioxidant intake and have a little “treat”.

Key components:  Mixing protein and carbohydrate helps to give energy that will sustain you.

The Perk: Keeping in your car so you always have something on hand. This can be stored in a cold or warm car (minus the chocolate) without significant issues. Of course, this is always great at home, too!

Fruit & Nut TrailMix

(L) Cashews, Almonds, Dried Figs, Dried Cranberries / (R) Cashews, Almonds, Dates, Dried Raspberries, Peanuts & Chocolate Morsles

2. Organic Berries & Plain Yogurt

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Edith: This sweet mix does the job until you can break away from your desk for a full meal. I love using Raspberries because they contain a lot of antioxidants to boost heart health, protect against cancer, and keep your skin glowing. Feel free to substitute with whatever fruit is in season, just try to buy organic berries when possible as they (non organic) tend to have a higher pesticide content.

Key components: Lots of antioxidants, fiber in the raspberries, and protein in the yogurt combined with natural sweetness in honey gives a naturally satisfying boost to your day

The Perk: The natural tart and sweet flavors will keep your taste-buds brimming with excitement to give you great energy during your shoot, workday or right before the kids come home!

Travis Curry Photography

We used plain greek yogurt and drizzled some honey on top for added sweetness. I used blackberries because they are a favorite of mine (Travis) and couldn’t find raspberries at the store!

3. Hummus & Carrots

Travis Curry Photography

I found this delicious jalepeño & cilantro hummus from Trader Joe’s which gives your snack a mighty kick!

Edith: Vegetables are to be one of the largest sources of food volume that we eat in a day so why not aim for one veggie snack each day? The fantastic nutrient variety and low calorie goodness of carrots and other dipping vegetables will keep choppers busy! Pair with any flavored hummus for a tasty treat that will help feed your need for comfort food.

Key components: Lots of Vitamin A to boost eye-health and a pinch of healthy fat and fiber in the hummus will keep your stomach satisfied until your next meal.

The Perk: It’s cool and refreshing! Buy a bag of baby carrots or other dipping vegetables and a fun hummus to bring into work at the beginning of the week so you know you’ll have something healthy on hand! 

4. Nut Butter on Rice Cakes

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Edith: There are so many options with this one and so many reasons to love it! You get a nice crunch (for those of us with more of a salty crunchy tooth!) for the amazingly low calorie goodness of rice cakes. Add some sliced banana on top if you’re a bit more hungry … or some honey to make it more of a sweet treat. Yes, nuts have made it into 2 places on this list for good reason; their heart-healthy fats, sustainable energy and just plain deliciousness make them go-to item.  Knowing which nut butter to buy can be a challenge as the “peanut butter and jelly” aisle keeps getting bigger. Look for the word “natural” on the jar and for the ingredients list to be as short as possible. As the list of ingredients gets longer, some will add other oils (which may include trans fat) or sugar to boost the flavor which also boosts the unnecessary calories. Look for a peanut or almond butter whose only ingredient is “Peanuts” or “Almonds”.

Key components: It gives a salty crunch, can be made in many different ways, in our favorite carbohydrate + protein combo that we love so much!

The Perk: Make your own personal healthy vending machine in a work desk drawer (or car) and keep a bag of rice cakes and a jar of peanut butter to satisfy the mid-afternoon munchie. No refrigeration needed. Or smash two together and throw in a reusable bag or container before you leave the house!

Healthy Snacks for Photoshoots

Travis: I brought along my jar of MaraNatha Maple Almond Butter. It doesn’t have such a high sugar content but the maple sugar in it gives it a sweetness.

5. Air-popped Popcorn

Travis Curry Photography

Edith: 3 cups of air-popped popcorn tops out under 100 calories and is a great source of fiber. Don’t have an air-popper machine? You don’t need one! Just combine ¼ c un-popped popcorn kernels in the bottom of a lunch paper bag. Spray or drizzle with olive oil. While keeping the bag upright, crease and fold the bag down twice (at least ½ inch folds). Place it into the microwave upright and heat for 2 minutes (stop if popping stops prior to 2 minutes as microwaves vary). Remove the bag carefully, empty popped popcorn and top with spritzed olive oil or butter, spices for flavor, grated parmesan cheese or eat plain!

Key components: Popcorn is a whole grain which means it is full of fiber, includes natural antioxidants, and will keep you fuller longer than refined grains (think cakes, cookies, crackers).

The Perk: Not only will it remind you of family movie nights when you were young, it can be stored at home or at the office for a fast snack!

Healthy Popcorn Ideas

Healthy Popcorn Ideas

We’ve got “French Toast” (cinnamon & sugar), Old Bay & Taco Seasoning w/Parmesan Cheese for flavoring inspiration without all of the nasty preservatives.

About Edith

Travis Curry PhotographyEdith Clogg is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist and lover of all things food. She is currently working at a large government contractor providing wellness services in Maryland, focusing on one-on-one nutrition coaching for weight management, Diabetes management and various other disease states. Her personal mission is to help people find ways that they can become healthier through encouraging lasting change, one step at a time. She loves going to farmers markets, finding ways to make meals healthier, and enjoys helping people make their lives healthier… for good!  If you want to learn how you can make your life healthier for good by including more fresh and fun food into your life, email Edith at!

Be on the look out for the next installment of Rock Your Shoot with tips and advice from my beauty team about how you can prepare to show up to your shoot. Until then, have a great start to your new year!



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