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What is a Personal Brand?

Through owning my photography business, I’ve met a bunch of different small business owners and business executives. As a headshot photographer, I’ve met a ton of professionals in the entertainment industry who are essentially their own boss. Many of the business owners that I know often throw around the word “rebrand.” It seems like once someone gets some time off in their schedule, one of the first things they choose to do is a “rebrand.”

I’ve also had so many clients who have talked about their “brand” but I often wonder if they are aware of what their personal brand truly is. As a business owner I need to be aware of my own personal brand and also need to help my clients finesse their own personal brands through photography. This lead me to ask myself “what is a Personal Brand?”

For the purpose of today’s post, I’m going to showcase a few signature photos I took that represent Amanda Nell Franklin’s food blog, The Model Well Fed. We shot these promotional photos that would be the keystone to her blog, while she continues to create her own images of her recipes and adventures, she also has started to do Food Editorials with various photographers that bring her model world and love of cooking together!

Travis Curry Photography

Rebranding your company can become a very time and energy consuming task. So many people think that branding is the logo and the colors of your business. Inc. points out the importance to having a signature image in your personal brand. While a brand is essentially a symbol that separates you from others, a brand goes deeper than just logos and colors. A brand is the experience your customers have with your business, how you connect with your audience and creating a sense of familiarity in your community.

So what exactly is a Personal Brand and why is it important?

Let’s face it, if you’re connecting online via social media, you already have a personal brand. The point is to curate your personal brand that represents you in both personal and professional worlds. Business is relationship oriented and your connection and relationships with other individuals is important to the success of your business. Whether you’re being introduced through social media or at a networking event, your personal brand should reflect you and how you want to be perceived by others. Forbes points out some key steps to cultivating your personal brand online.

Travis Curry Photography

I’m Not Self Employed – Why Does Personal Branding Matter?

Many people keep their personal lives private from their work lives – that is something that many companies keep as a policy. Your personal brand in the office however can include workshops you attend, professionals you follow online and the books you read. Your own interests and personal efforts in your career can be seen as valuable to your employer. You are not a robot and your interests and personality are important to your business. If you choose to have a professional instagram or online accounts, be sure to keep those public and aligned with the brand of your employer and career path.

I’m a Performer, Why Does A Personal Brand Matter?

If you’re a performer, your headshot is your signature image. That image is something that casting directors and agents need to be able to match with you at auditions. Your online profiles will show your personal brand. Embrace the power that social media has to share your talents through video and images. If you’re going to dance class, picking out new songs for your audition repertoire or in a new production – showcase it! Share the articles you read about auditions or reviews on your favorite shows. You’re probably already connected online with many people in your field, so having a strong personal brand as a performer can help lead to new opportunities.

Personal branding can include a logo and website, but in today’s digital world also includes the brands you associate yourself with, what you post and share online and your digital images. Instagram is a great snapshot into your own personal brand. If you share brands you love, or knowledge that you have – that can set you apart from others in your workplace and create value in you! From the books you read, the workshops you attend or even the smallest interests you have, they can all lead to bigger and better things!

Does your Instagram profile tell your story?

If you have images that don’t quite fit into your story, you want to consider deleting those posts. Amanda’s Instagram account @themodelwellfed used to be her personal account however she has since shifted it to reflect the personal brand of herself and her blog. I love how Amanda is using Instagram in conjunction with her blog and it looks absolutely stunning!

Curate your instagram profile to reflect your personal brand!


Personal Branding is something that I’ve really become so excited about. I love to help people find and showcase their story and dreams through images. If you need help finding your personal brand, check out what I’m currently reading from Quicksprout!

Stay tuned to this blog for more information about putting your personal brand in photos as well as a look into my development of my own personal brand!



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