Prepare For Your F/W Photoshoot

F/W 2015: Prepare For Your Photoshoot

Get Ready for Your Fall and Winter Photoshoots!

This week’s weather forecast brings us temperatures well into the 90’s but before you know it we’ll be breathing in more pumpkin spice than Charlie Brown ever could handle. While this week we’ll be blasting our AC units, wiping the sweat from our brows and drinking our favorite non-pumpkin beverages, it’s important to have Fall and Winter 2015 plans in mind.

Your favorite designers have already shot their Fall and even Winter campaigns, Target’s probably well into executing their 2016 Valentine’s Day commercial and now it’s time for you to think about the photoshoot you’ve been dreaming of this year! Here are some tips to help you to prepare for your photoshoot this Fall & Winter!

Protect Your Skin

Even if there may be more overcast days than blue skies, the sun’s UV rays will still have a way to get to you! Continue to wear an SPF! A daily moisturizer with SPF will help your keep your skin from drying out during the cold winter months and also protect it from the sun.

Protect your skin for fall and winter

M: Sarah

Explore New Fashion & Beauty Trends

One of the most fun parts of your photoshoot experience is picking your styling: makeup, hair, wardrobe – dudes, even you can get in on the fun! Explore some of the upcoming season’s trends and use them in your photoshoot. While your friends photoshoots may still be obsessing over baubles and flower crowns, you’ve moved on to statement earrings and cool hosiery!

Winter photo shoot ideas

M: Maddie | MUA: Amie Decker | H: Kelley Small

Schedule Your Fall & Winter 2015 Photoshoot Now!

Getting in touch with your photographer of choice and getting on their calendar early is something you want to start doing sooner than later. Photographer’s schedules fill up quickly (especially weekends) during this time of year and we can’t guarantee our schedules will allow us to “squeeze in” your photoshoot. Many of my clients use their photos taken in the Fall and Winter to get ready to start the New Year strong with new promotional photos or use them for holiday cards and gifts.

Stay Motivated During Seasonal Changes

Scheduling your shoot and putting a date on the books is great motivation as the weather starts to cool down. One of the more common reason’s people don’t book (or flake on) a professional photoshoot is because they’re worried about how they look. Whether it’s acne you want cleared up, a haircut, teeth whitening or *gasp* those pesky “last 5-10 pounds” you wanted to lose – setting a date will give you a healthy amount of time to prepare to be camera ready. This will also help you stay away from any holiday slumps so you may not even feel like you’ve got to join the “Resolutioners Club”

Locations & Weather

If your shoot is scheduled to be outside, it’s good to think of backup locations and if possible, rain dates. Scheduling your shoot now helps a photographer (and our teams) keep open rain dates.

Prepare your photoshoot

Promotional photos for Holiday & NYE 2014 – shot in September. HMUA: Sara Elizabeth

Be Prepared for Holiday & 2016!

Photoshoot experiences and photo prints are timeless gifts that won’t go obsolete once Apple’s released their latest operating system. I consider professional photography a luxury item; it’s not something you do on the regular (I mean, unless you’re a professional model and you’re reading this) and it’s definitely not a splurge trip to the nail salon. Taking a few months to save up can help you financially prepare for your photoshoot experience!

Fall is just around the corner and that means your super awesome photoshoot will soon be here too! I’m so excited for all of the fun shoots that this Fall & Winter are going to bring!


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