NYC Dancer Headshots

NYC Dancer Headshots – Kelly

NYC Dancer Headshots

It’s been a while since I photographed Kelly’s NYC Dancer Headshots. The last time I photographed Kelly was back in 2011 when she was studying dance at Point Park University. We took a bunch of headshots and dance photos of her back then, however it was definitely time for Kelly to update her headshot portfolio. I love it when I have return clients, it’s always fun to catch up and see what they’ve been doing since we last shot together.

Modern Dancer Headshots

Since our last shoot, Kelly graduated college and began to dance in various professional dance companies in DC and Philadelphia. She is currently a member of Brian Sanders’ Junk and performed weekly on the TruTV show, “Fake Off” in addition to touring all around as a professional dancer. She is currently living in Philadelphia, teaching and performing!

NYC Dancer Headshot Photographers

For Kelly’s NYC dancer headshots¬†we wanted to keep them simple, so we stayed in the studio. During her last photo shoot, lots has changed, but we shot outside at a park and did a ton of cool dance shots and some beautiful headshots, however most of her previous photos we very environmental. Since Kelly is primarily a modern/contemporary dancer, she needed a few great legit headshots, however I did convince her to do some more commercial shots (see above). It’s always good to shoot a variety of images during your headshot session, you never know when you may need a specific type of headshot for something!

During my headshot sessions, I have a variety of background options to choose from. It all really depends on how you want your photos to look. For Kelly we chose more neutral, white and grey backdrops over lots of bright colors. This worked well with the clothing options she brought too. I love using my Savage collapsible backdrops for headshots because they are a quick and easy setup. In small NYC spaces, having the least amount of equipment is good, which gives you more space to move around and shoot!

I shot most of Kelly’s headshots with natural window light, which turned out so beautiful! I’m very grateful to have a space to shoot in that gets so much gorgeous natural light!

Here are some of Kelly’s proofs; I wanted to share more from this shoot so these are a few of my favorites!





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