Dancer Headshots NYC

NYC Dancer Headshots – Jason

Jason William’s Headshots in NYC

The other week I had the opportunity to meet and photograph NYC dancer headshots for Jason Williams. Jason is a talented dancer who started dancing at the age of 16 after he was a part of the marching band and then went on to train with New World School of Arts. Jason joined MOMIX in 2011 and has toured the world performing with them since.

As a former dancer, I love to photograph dancers! I always have so much fun when I’m photographing dancers, they usually love music as much as I do and we can talk about dance. I haven’t danced for many years, but I love when I can feel the passion that these professional dancers have for their craft.

NYC Dancer Headshots

NYC Dancer Headshots

Just like an actor, a dancer may need to have both a theatrical and a commercial headshot in their portfolio. Theatrical headshots would be used for dance companies and roles in theatre, TV and film. Commercial headshots are used for things like commercials, print campaigns, music videos and backup dancers. Since Jason is a contemporary dancer in a dance company, we focused on creating more theatrical photos for him. These would be images that he could use as a headshot for programs and websites. A simple neutral background helps focus on Jason’s features and also allowed him to make a strong, human connection with the camera. For a theatrical headshot, you want the connection in your image to be very honest and natural. This is different than shooting commercial images, which are playful, warm and inviting. In this setup, we shot both theatrical images (seen below) as well as some commercial shots with lots of smiles.

NYC Dancer Headshots

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