NYC Actor Headshots

NYC Actor Headshots – Kyle G

I had a fantastic time photographing Kyle’s NYC Actor Headshots at the beginning of the month. Kyle is currently studying at the Atlantic Acting School’s Conservatory Program. Originally from California, Kyle comes to NYC to continue his training in acting at Atlantic. Since Kyle is an experienced actor, this was not his first headshot session; he came well prepared and was such a joy to photograph! Kyle was looking for more theatrical headshots, so we focused on getting those shot over the more smiley, happy commercial shots.

Actor's Theatrical Headshots

Lighting for NYC Actor Headshots

We switched between studio and natural light shots; I like to get variety in the time that we have to shoot together. I don’t think that there is a certain type of light that’s right or wrong for headshots; it depends on how you want to present yourself and what you think suits you the best. I love that Kyle selected a mix of studio and natural light for his final selects though!

For Kyle’s studio shots, I used a simple one light setup. After we shot Kyle inside, we dipped outside to a nearby parking garage. For me, it had some really amazing light. Tunnels, alcoves or covered garages can make some of the best locations for natural light headshots and portraits, you just have to be mindful of potential color casts. For these shots we had some great backlight, which helped warm up the shot.

NYC Actor Headshots

I did get a few laughs and smiles out of Kyle though, which you can see in the contact sheet below. Even though we were going for a specific look for Kyle’s headshots, it’s still important to me to pull a variety of poses, expressions and cropping for my clients to be able to select their top picks! I like making sure we can really nail the shots we need and also make time for happy accidents, which can create the most organic moments!

NYC Actor Headshots



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