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Necklace & Neckline Style Guide

I’m always looking to build education for my headshot and personal branding clients so that on the day of the shoot they feel confident and ready to rock it in front of the camera. There can be so much planning into your photoshoot looks, that it’s important to take small details into consideration.

One thing that I want to improve on myself is the personal styling aspect. When I have fashion and editorial shoots booked, I’m always asking questions about styling, especially figuring out how to accessorize and make a look.

Style is subjective and there are rules that can be broken; you just have to know how to really commit to your own personal style. My job as a headshot and personal branding photographer is to help my clients put their best looks together for their photoshoots.

I asked Fernanda from Lilac Bijoux, an accessories and women’s boutique in Annapolis to come into the studio and show me some great options for different necklines. This is something that I am putting into a new Prep & Styling guide that I will send exclusively to my headshot & personal branding clients. I wanted to share some of the images from the shoot and some things that I’ve learned (and observed) from working with Fernanda and the awesome team!

Necklaces to wear with tank tops


Tank tops are great options for your headshot photoshoot because they show off your body physique and have a variety of necklines. The tank top we used had thinner straps and was cut into a v-neck. You can play with using statement pieces, a simple necklace with a charm or stone or match the neckline to the shape of your necklace. Necklaces to wear with tank tops

Necklaces to wear with crew necks

Crew necks tend to be used in a lot of t-shirts and sweaters; cutting close to the neck. You can overlay your necklace over your crew neck or find a necklace that fits tighter around your neck that compliments the shape of your crew neck. In the long-sleeved shirt we used, the crew neck fit a bit lower, which allowed us to cut some slack on our necklaces. Necklaces to wear with crew necks

Necklaces to wear with button downs

Button down and polo shirts are very popular for business professionals to wear for corporate headshots. Since the collar on a polo or button down shirt really frame the face and ad dimension to the neckline; it’s best to keep your necklace simple. Choosing a light chain with an interesting charm or beautiful stone will compliment your neckline, but won’t make that area too busy. Necklaces to wear with button downs

Necklaces to wear with scoop necks

Scoop necks offer a more relaxed look while they also give a great presentation of your shoulders, neck and clavicles. Long chains, pendant necklaces and similar shaped necklaces all work great with scoop necks. Necklaces to wear with scoop necks

Necklaces to wear with v-necks



Similar to what we styled with the tank tops, v-necks offer a great way to use necklaces that offer a lower cut. Statement pieces, such as this fun initial necklace can show off your personality through your accessories!

Necklaces to wear with v-necks

Necklaces to wear with strapless

Strapless necklines offer the most canvas for your to use your accessories! While we’re seeing baubles and statement necklaces less and less in our local boutiques, a strapless neckline gives you a lot of room to work with! Your neck and shoulders are open and exposed, giving you a great area to display your favorite statement piece or even mix and match multiple necklaces together. Necklaces to wear with strapless


I hope that this was helpful to you, we all had a ton of fun making these images! I will be posting another post with some outfits that Fernanda styled with accessories and clothes from Lilac Bijoux!

Model: Olivia Reid

Makeup Artist: Angela Papas of Behind the Veil Beauty

Hair Stylist: Paige Clifton of PSC Hair Artistry

Accessories Styling: Fernanda Elliot of Lilac Bijoux


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