Modeling for Actors

Modeling Opportunities for Actors

In the entertainment industry, your next job is not guaranteed and you never know when an opportunity could present itself. That’s why modeling for actors is a great way to supplement your income in between projects and contracts. You often hear of successful entertainers who started out by modeling or who also modeled as a supplement to their acting gigs. Commercial Print & Lifestyle Modeling is a great way for actors to earn money. Since you may never know when your next gig will come, it’s important as a working actor to keep yourself out there. Lifestyle Modeling is not High Fashion Editorial; many brands want to cast models that are relatable to their target audience. I have had friends who make a great living as a Commercial/Lifestyle model shooting for all sorts of things from insurance companies, book covers, costume companies, e-commerce and food retailers.

Modeling for Actors

gerardc2016-travis-curry-138-blogIf you are an actor and entertainer that’s interested in getting into modeling, be sure to check out my other post about finding the right modeling agency for you!

Just think of all of the advertisements you see on a daily basis. There are so many random things that companies hire models for. They may not always be the most glamorous gig, but you would be surprised by what different types of jobs would pay. This is a great way to supplement your income as an actor and you never know what opportunities could present itself to you.

Remember Your Brand & Career Goals

Be mindful of your career and goals as an actor. Just because a job may pay really well, it may not be in your best (or your future’s) interest to become the face of a certain brand. I would take each gig on a case by case basis and just like acting gigs; don’t say yes to just anything.

Models who are actors

There are modeling agencies that book specifically for Lifestyle & Commercial models. Many agencies have their own Lifestyle board. If you’re signed with a Talent Agency, they may already represent you for Print work. You should talk to your Agent or Manager about modeling opportunities and see if they have any recommendations for you, or if they feel confident in sending you along to Print castings.

Models and Actors

If you’re a model, taking an acting class may be a great way to add to your skill set. When I’m on set with models, especially new faces, I always stress the importance of acting and telling a story. Although there may not be any speaking roles in a photoshoot, knowing how to convey a story or emotion with your body is something you can hone with acting experience.

If you’re an actor be sure to start doing your research on modeling opportunities and getting your portfolio together! If you have any questions, please comment below!


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