Mentally Prepare for a Photo Shoot

Mentally Prepare for a Photo Shoot

Tips to Mentally Prepare for a Photo Shoot

There’s a lot of information about what to physically do to get ready and what to wear, but what about how to mentally prepare for a photo shoot? I started thinking about my clients feelings before they meet with me for their shoot and I thought I would poll some friends and colleagues on their best practices to for getting their mind right before their photoshoot! I heard from past clients, professional actors and dancers, agency models, other photographers and a DJ!

Pack your bag the night before

Getting everything together the night before your shoot will give you a little extra time to sleep in and save you the stress of scrambling around the morning of. Whenever I have a big shoot that I need to travel for, I always pack my gear the night before. Make a packing list so you know what you need to bring, and check off everything once you’ve put it in your bags.

Listen to your favorite music

Music is my personal lifeline, but when I’m nervous or need a little extra confidence, I put on something that’s going to make me happy and energetic! Music can really help you mentally prepare for a photo shoot!

Meditate before your photo shoot

Meditate to clear your mind

Guided meditations are a great way to clear your mind of negative and anxious thoughts. If you’re nervous before your photoshoot, try a guided meditation before bed or on the commute to your shoot. I recently started practicing meditation and have seen a lot of positive effects from it.

Get a Pep Talk

Sometimes you need a pep talk from your bestie, your mom or someone close to you in life! I know when I’m anxious about a big meeting or a game-changing shoot, I will call my mom, sister or one of my close friends for some support.


A friend of mine likes to watch or listen to stand up comedy before he DJ’s any big event. I think this is a great technique to mentally prepare for a photoshoot because you’ll be laughing and laughter can help relieve any nerves you may have!

Mentally Prepare for a Photo Shoot


Breathe deep! Breathing can help calm your nerves and center your mind, this will help with any anxiety or physical (shaking, shaky voice, sweating, etc) signs of anxiety too!


Visualize your photoshoot; imagine yourself in front of the camera, feeling really confident, looking amazing and being excited about your shots! Don’t try to go into too much detail, just visualize and feel the feelings of having a successful shoot. Before every shoot I visualize the shoot being a success, my client being happy with their images and me being happy with the images. This helps me get my mind right and allows me to plan out how the shoot will go.

Trust Your Photographer

The photographer you’ve hired for your shoot is a professional! They have experience working with so many different people and will make sure you’re comfortable and rocking your shots! This is why you hired them!

I hope some of these techniques can help you get mentally prepared for your upcoming photo shoot!



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