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Last summer I received an inquiry from a lady named Lisa asking about a Men’s Portrait Photoshoot that she wanted to purchase for her friend as a Christmas gift. It was July and I knew that people would be spending the summer buying and hiding Holiday gifts for their loved ones, but this was a first for me! I was honored and excited that someone would gift my services to someone dear to them. You see, a photoshoot may not be Apple’s latest iPad or the hot new gadget that the Today Show is highlighting, but it is a memorable experience that you can share with someone special in your life. The end result is a collection of stunning images that have frozen that moment of your life in time.

Lisa and Loren met working at church together – they would produce weekly video bulletins for the church and became fast friends. Hearing the two of them talk about their crazy times creating these videos was so funny, you could really tell that these two have a special friendship and just have the most fun together.

So Lisa surprised her bestie Loren with his Christmas gift and we set up our shoot for June. Loren works as a paramedic and is finishing up nursing school, so his schedule was pretty hectic during his semester. Throughout the Spring, Loren and I discussed his shoot and we sent back and forth some inspiration photos to get the direction of his photo shoot. The majority of my clients are women, but I’m always excited to change directions and focus on men’s portrait photography for a bit.


Men's Headshot Photographer NYC

Men's Portrait Photographer

Loren brought a range of outfits and we had a blast changing up his looks with styling and grooming. I had Kelley on set for all of Loren’s grooming! I love working in a team environment because everyone has their own job – Kelley monitored hair + makeup while I could focus on creating killer images! A great image is rarely the result of a single person – especially in portrait & fashion scenarios.

Men's Portrait Photographer

Men's Portrait Photographer

Men's Portrait Photographer

Men's Headshot Photographer

I love how Loren’s images came out – they really show a lot of variety from styling to posing and now Loren and Lisa both have a great collection of images that they won’t ever forget! This shoot was definitely one of those moments where I take a step back and say “wow, my job rocks!”


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