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Do I Really Need A Spray Tan For My Photoshoot?

Tips On What To Do Before A Photoshoot

The answer to the spray tan question is no! However there are a few more questions that I often get asked from people who have wondered about what to do before a photoshoot. There can be a lot of prep work that goes into getting yourself ready for your Personal Branding Photoshoot or your Headshot Session. Over the years I’ve been asked many questions by my clients, so here is my input on some common topics people have asked me.

Manicure & Pedicures

You don’t want to show up to your photoshoot with gross hands. For a simple headshot, your hands probably won’t make the cut however if you’re thinking of having something showing more of your body (I shoot a lot of 1/2 and 3/4 body portraits), I would suggest giving your nails a little trim and scrub underneath at the very least. Moisturizing your skin is great shoot prep too – especially your hands and face.

A manicure can be really relaxing, so it may help calm your pre-shoot nerves the night before.

Ladies – a neutral color, clear coat or french manicure are all safe options for photoshoot nails. If you want colorful nails or any type of nail art, think about the outfit options you’ve selected before picking your nail color. You wouldn’t want your nails to completely clash with one of your outfits or your branding. These photos will last way beyond your crystal gel, so think about the shelf life of a nail trend.

Men – a manicure is a great way to clean up your hands. When I get a mani/pedi I find it really relaxing, I just ask my manicurist to trim up and buff my nails; there’s always the option of putting polish on (usually a clear & top coat) but I opt out of that for myself because I don’t like my nails to be that shiny.

Spray Tans & Tanning

Be mindful of your exposure to the sun the days leading up to your shoot. Guys tend to get that lovely sunglasses tan during the Summer. Use an SPF or a moisturizer with SPF to help prevent sunburn on your face. Hats help protect your face from the sun! I would advise you to avoid being out in the sun for long periods of time the days leading up to your shoot; especially the day before. Tan lines and sun burns just suck in general, so you wouldn’t want them in your photos, would you?

If you really want to get an extra glow before your shoot, grab a spray tan a few days before your shoot, otherwise stay away from the rays!

Eyebrow Waxing & Threading

If you get your eyebrows done regularly, stick to your regular cycle for getting them shaped up. I suggest going a few days before your shoot so any redness and irritation can subside. If you haven’t had your eyebrows done, I would suggest to keep them the way they are to prevent any type of eyebrow waxing disaster that could mess with your current brow shape. If your brows are really unruly, my makeup artist may ask to pluck a few stray hairs here and there.


Any hair color or style changes should always be done BEFORE your photoshoot date. If you change your hair after your photoshoot, there’s really no point in using your photos since they don’t reflect your new style. Sometimes for men’s shoots there may be a barber on set who can cut, trim and groom throughout the shoot.

Crash Diets

Taking care of your body and mind are so important in all aspects of life. There are so many different diet plans out there for someone to follow. Some are fantastic while others are so unrealistic and unhealthy. I would stay away from any fad diets or quick cleanses that can lead you feeling irritable and weak. I do recommend that in preparation for your shoot that you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle so that you can look and feel your absolute best during your photoshoot! If you want to ramp up your workout schedule or clean up your diet in the weeks before your shoot, please do so. It’s important to keep yourself feeling your best about your photoshoot because that self love and self confidence will show through in your images!

To sum it up, here are a few DON’TS!

  1. Do not go tanning the day before your shoot.
  2. Do not do a crash diet the week of your shoot.
  3. Do not get your hair cut after your photo shoot.
  4. Do not get your eyebrows done the day before your shoot.
  5. Do not show up to your shoot with dirty fingernails.

If you have any questions about getting prepped for your photoshoot, add a comment below and I can answer it for you in a future post!


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