Commercial Headshots for Dancers

Cedric’s Headshot Session

I had the pleasure of photographing Cedric’s Headshot Session last week. Cedric is a hip hop and contemporary dancer from Maryland. For contemporary and hip hop dancers I like to focus on their movement and personality; so I love shooting a variety of poses and crops so we can create a portfolio of images that dancers can use for various auditions. I loved the clothes that Cedric and his Mom, Lisa brought to the shoot because it really showed off his personal style. I usually try to stay away from patterns and graphics, but these worked really well: they were current and fit well with his style. Here are some of the final selects from his shoot!

Commercial Headshots


For the shot below, I added some gels to create this blue and red lighting effect. I wanted to give Cedric the experience of being in front of the camera and dancing in a studio. For many music videos and dance features in film, you often see closeups and detail shots of dancer’s movements, so it’s important for dancers to get an idea about how they are being filmed and photographed to make sure that their dancing looks its absolute best on camera!

Dancer Promotional Photos

Dance Photoshoot


I love the movement in this image! It was Cedric’s idea to throw his jacket and he totally nails this shot!!! One of my favorites!

Dancer Headshot Session


Thank you to Cedric & Lisa for coming into the studio for your session! It was so much fun to meet you both and I look forward to seeing where your dance and college career take you!!


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