An Honor.

I’m Getting A Little Personal Here

I was recently up in bed thinking about my job as a Headshot Photographer and what it means to me. I’ve been going through some internal struggles that come with the territory of moving from a small market to a big market. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it. I think for a few months I’ve been working so hard trying to break into the market that I’ve lost a bit of my own WHY, which to me, I find it important to have a reason behind your business.

I was recently asked by a company to write my 5 favorite things about working with actors and entertainers. As soon as I got that assignment, I started writing and within 2 minutes I had a list of my favorite things. As I began to elaborate on my favorite things, I ended the post talking about how it was an honor to be a part of someone’s dreams.

Then it hit me. That is why I love what I do. I love to meet people who are working toward a dream; a goal! I love being apart of the development of someone’s career that leads them on a path to success. That I can create images of them to help them book their dream roles. I enjoy making someone’s personal brand come to life. I live for that! I love creating mood boards and shoot concepts for my personal branding clients. I love hearing the stories about my headshot clients dreams and their latest auditions. I love the entire production and the post production of making stunning images for you. I’m most happy when my clients feel confident in their headshot when they go into new auditions or a client is excited to share their new photos online! I love it when someone who hasn’t acted in 20 years comes to me for headshots; to help them return to their craft. I’m ecstatic when I see my clients book roles on TV or have continued success performing with theaters and tours. I love seeing my clients live out their dreams and dream bigger every day!


As a Wedding Photographer, I’ve talked about the honor that it is for me to capture a Wedding Day, and I’ve had friends who are honored to create Newborn Portraits. Family Photographers are honored to preserve those special milestones. As Photographers we are invited into very intimate parts of a person (or family’s) life. We should be honored with every job we book that someone trusts and believes in us to capture a certain part of them. My clients trust me and they often share very personal stories with me during their shoot. I think that’s part of the experience; allowing yourself to open up to someone like a close friend. Once I feel a client’s trust, I know that I can create magical images of them.


I recently started working with a Model & Talent Agent who’s placed her models with some of the top modeling agencies in the world. Her talent clients have also had their fair share of the limelight. We had a great conversation and she ended by telling me “I love what I do! I represent good models with good hearts! It’s my joy!” which really resonated with me. After that conversation, I knew that I needed to cut through a lot of the bull that was going on in my head and get back to what brought me joy about photography. What brings me joy is connecting with people, creating beautiful images and seeing the success of my clients after our shoot.


When I’m hired as your photographer; it is my honor to create images of (and for) you. I’m using my unique eye and the skills I’ve honed to create an experience and a selection of images for you to fall in love with, to use for your own personal journey. I want my images to be the best images of yourself that you’ve ever had, I want them to take you to places you could only dream of. I’m 100% serious. It is my honor to be a part of your journey and I want to help you succeed along the way!

Thank you for choosing me as your headshot photographer. I am excited for the images we will create!


PS – thank you to Natalia Bizinha for the sweet BTS action shot of me!


  • Jorge Acosta

    April 13, 2016


    As one who has benefitted from your photographers eye with head shots, I want to say thank you. Thank you for your talent, your generosity of spirit, your collaborative style, and your impeccable taste. It was a privilege to be shot by you.
    More art my friend, more art!

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