Business Headshot Outfits

Business Headshot Outfits

Tips to get awesome Business Headshot Outfits!

What are the Best Business Headshot Outfits? I recently got a text from a friend asking for help, he wanted to know “What should I wear for my company headshots?” I quickly gave him a rundown of what to do to get the best business headshot outfits. I also told him he should contact the photographer who he hired. What he then told me is that it was just something his company was doing and they had no guidance on how to prepare.

As a Photographer, it’s my responsibility to make sure that my client has instructions on how their staff should prepare for their corporate headshot. About a week before their shoot, I get in touch with my contact person and send them some tips for what their staff should wear and be prepared for on their shoot day. I tend to keep it a very short, basic email because I know that people are bombarded with emails and I’d rather have them read it and take away a few key points then glaze over it and come unprepared. Sometimes I’ll send over a graphic that shows a few of my previous business headshots and some standard outfit ideas.

I’ve put the tips for business headshot outfits in bold for easy reading and have elaborated for further explanation with photos below.

I want these photos to be awesome; I want every person to look amazing and feel confident about their photos. It’s important for my client to have strong, professional photos and a confident looking staff! Their photo is a valuable part of their company’s marketing materials that can be used for internal purposes, advertising, print and online promotion.

Here are some tips for what to wear for business headshots.

Corporate Headshot Outfit Ideas

Wear what you might wear to a new client meeting or important presentation!

This will often be the first photo clients or colleagues see of you so you really want to make a good first impression. Try not to wear something in your closet that’s your go-to outfit. This could be awkward when all people see of you in real life (IRL) is the outfit in your headshot photo. Believe me, I’ve been there before and I’ve finally retired that black button down!

Outfit ideas for business headshots

Choose colors that bring out your features!

I feel like a broken record saying this, but blues, greens and purples are all colors that work really well with many skin tones. I would stay away from colors that may wash you out (light pastels) or bring out redness in your skin (orange and red).

Wear clothes that fit you

Don’t go for clothes that are too tight or too baggy, this will look unprofessional and unkempt.

Mens Business Headshot Outfits

These are all great outfit ideas with awesome tie options to wear!

Stay away from tacky ties!

For your headshot, bring a variety of 3-5 ties, come prepared with your favorite tie, but bring a few backups in case your photographer needs to change your tie. Solid colored ties work best but patterns can also bring out personality (med-thick stripes, paisley, florals, plaids). If you haven’t bought a new tie since 1998, I suggest you splurge on a tie or two at the department store. I’ve seen a lot of really “fun” patterned ties (i.e./Jerry Garcia Ties, Ties with Margarita’s on them, Hawaiian Sunset ties, etc) but they are very distracting and look unprofessional.

Business Headshot Outfits

This is a great patterned tie with a solid color suit!

Be careful about small patterns and textures

Moiré in photos

Moiré pattern. Image courtesy of

This goes mainly for suits and blazers, but can be seen on accessories like ties and some shirts. Tiny patterns that are close together can often create a very distracting visual effect called Moiré. This occurs because the lines or patterns are so close together; many camera’s sensors cannot process this pattern so a distracting wave pattern results. This is seen in fabrics with woven textures, lots of tiny dot patterns, thin lines that are close together.

women's business headshot outfits

These are wonderful outfit options for women with minimal accessories and great color combinations!

Don’t over accessorize

This just looks tacky and too flashy. The headshot should focus on YOU, not your accessories that would distract someone from you.

Business Headshot Outfits

Bring outfit options

Select your main headshot photo the day before your shoot. Clean it, Iron/Steam It and De-lint it. Hang it up, Put it in a garment bag with your backup options. Don’t wear it to work if you don’t have to (who knows what coffee spills or ketchup stains may happen during the day). Change into your outfit before your scheduled shoot and bring your outfit options just in case. If you’re prepared your outfit following these guidelines, you most likely won’t have to change.

I hope that this was helpful to you in preparing your Business Headshot Outfitss! If you have any other questions about how to show up to your headshot session, feel free to write a comment below!


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