Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions you may have about the photoshoot experience! These questions are ones that I hear often from my headshot clients. I’ve compiled them below to help answer any Headshot FAQ’s you may have. I would love to go over these and any additional questions you may have during our first headshot phone consultation.

What makes a good Headshot?

You don’t want just a good headshot, you want a WOW headshot! We are creating an impactful headshot that makes a long-lasting first impression for those you jobs that you are meeting/auditioning/submitting to. An impactful headshot should have a strong connection in your eyes, showing off the true essence of your personality and include your personal style. The lighting style should be complimentary to your facial features and should only enhance the photo, not take away from it.

Who needs a Headshot?

Headshots are generally used by performers (actors, singers, dancers, models, comedians, etc) to use as a marketing tool when they present themselves to potential employers in the entertainment industry. Headshot photography also runs into many other industries, as many professionals need headshots to market themselves. I’ve photographed headshots for a variety of professions and needs including: dentists, teachers, executive directors, makeup artists, real estate agents, designers, financial planners, chefs, beauty queens and more!

What is a Portfolio?

A Portfolio is a collection of images (anywhere from 10-20) that showcase your range of work. Whether you’re a model looking to show off your range of looks or an actor looking for a variety of characters and ages, a portfolio is a valuable marketing tool that you can use.

If you are a business professional, a portfolio is a great way to have a collection of images that have a cohesive look to use for various print and web promotion. The key to a great portfolio is selecting a variety of strong, original images that show off who you are.

What does MUA/HMUA/MUAH mean?

MUA is an abbreviation for Makeup Artist. HMUA/MUAH is an abbreviation for someone who is both a Hair & Makeup Artist. For my headshot clients, I often use HMUA’s.

Do you provide hair & makeup?

Yes! I have a great network of professional artists that are able to do your hair and makeup and also stick around for the majority of the shoot to make sure you look your absolute best throughout the photo shoot experience. For headshots, portfolio and portrait sessions I have an awesome roster of hair & makeup artists to pull from. I even include grooming services for men which includes hair styling, facial hair grooming and makeup as needed.

I don't want my hair and makeup done for my headshots.

A photoshoot is a lot different than normal day to day life and professional hair and makeup is essential to creating a strong, flattering image. When you look at the cover of magazines, the makeup is often very clean and natural, which is the look we go for during our shoots. Depending on your career path, we can do different things to create variety in your shoot. Even men need makeup and grooming for photos. If you insist that you do not need or want makeup and hair styling, we may not be a good fit however if you are intending to be on camera or any type of large stage, you will soon realize how vital professional hair and makeup is.

Do I need to bring my own products with me?

No! My HMUA’s kits are filled with more than enough products and tools they need to complete your look on a wide variety of different people!

What is Grooming?

For men’s shoots, the focus is more on the hair and facial hair than the makeup. For most male clients, the HMUA is a barber who will be able to trim your facial hair and (if necessary) give you a complete hair cut throughout the shoot. Men’s Grooming is to make sure your hair and skin look put together and clean!

Where do we shoot?

Photoshoots can be done at my Photography Studio in Annapolis. I can also shoot outdoors in and around Annapolis, MD.

For July – September, 2015 I will be splitting my time between Annapolis, MD and New York City. Please inquire within about my availability and to set up your shoot.

Do you travel?

Yes! I love to travel across the United States. Travel fees apply to any locations with total distance (to/from) over 30 miles from 21401 (Annapolis, MD). Additional fees that may occur for traveling commissions include: hotel, studio/location/equipment rental and additional transportation. Please contact me for your custom travel quote.

Annapolis is a fantastic place to visit filled with lots of history and charm. It is also close to both Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC which makes this area an awesome destination spot for sight-seeing and vacationing. I can always help give you some recommendations for staying in the area for your shoot!

I'm looking for Dance Photos - do you do those?

Yes! I have a background in dance and choreography and I love working with dancers! I do suggest that we use your dance studio if you are looking for in-studio dance photos. I also love shooting dancers outside in the elements.

My 4 year old needs headshots? Do you photograph babies and kids?

I specialize in headshots for teens and adults. Baby, kid & family photos are not my specialty. I would be happy to discuss your photoshoot with you, however if you are looking for a photographer who truly specializes in younger ages and families, I may not be the right photographer for you.

I've never had a professional photo taken before. How do I pose?

That is no problem, I’ve got you covered!! Your photoshoot will be completely directed by me! I will show and teach you posing techniques to make you look you’re absolute best in front of the camera!

Can I bring a friend or family member to the shoot?

Yes, of course! Bringing a friend is a great way to help you ease into the shoot. Since they won’t be the ones being photographed, I will probably ask them to help out during the shoot as an assistant – holding reflectors, helping me move things, etc. That way everyone has fun and it’s a success!

What forms of payment do you take?

I accept all major credit cards, check & cash. I have a secure online system for signing contracts and accepting payments. If paying by cash, please have exact change.

What should I wear?

This depends on how we are marketing you, what roles you’re auditioning for, etc. I would take a look at my blog to get some inspiration for outfits. Generally I suggest that you wear rich, vibrant colors that compliment your skin tone. Well-fitted, clean & pressed clothes are going to compliment you the best. A great pair of jeans (with belt loops & pockets) is awesome. I love layers. Stay away from branding, logos and text on your clothes. Also be sure to stay away from distracting graphics, designs and textures (ie/plaid & chevron – textures work best when they are layered as accents). You want to make sure whatever you wear is not wearing you – YOU have to POP in the photo.

What should I do before my photo shoot?

Once you book with me, I will send you a photoshoot guide a few weeks before your shoot and make sure to answer any lingering questions about what to do to prepare for the shoot!

How long do headshot shoots last?

Hair and makeup takes about 1-1.5 hours and the actual shoot (3-4 looks) takes about 1.5 hours. Portfolio shoots can last longer because we are shooting through more looks and focusing on posing instruction. I typically block out 4 hours for each headshot client with hair & makeup. I like to make sure that we have enough time to really get warmed up in front of the camera and rock all of your looks.

Do you take any full length shots?

Yes! I photograph a variety of crops: headshot, 3/4 and full-length. I also try to get as many poses as I can for each look. It’s all about variety!

Do I get a disc or DVD of images?

No. I send all of my proofs & final images through a secure online gallery. That is the fastest, most efficient way for you to receive your images. You will have access to downloading the high resolution photos of your final selections through the gallery.

How long will it take me to get my final headshots?

My turnaround time is pretty quick, but it really depends on my post production and shooting schedule. I try my best to deliver images as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. If you have a specific deadline for when you need your headshots ready, let me know when we have our initial phone consultation. Generally speaking, you’ll be ready to start using your finalized, selected images within 2-3 weeks after your headshot session, granted you make your selections in a timely manner. 🙂

How many photos will I see?

I’m different than a lot of headshot photographers out there. Some send you home with a disc of 300-500 unedited images straight from the camera. I like to select the best 50-60 images from our shoot and help you narrow it down from there. I send you a proofing gallery soon after your shoot so you can select your final images from those proofs.

What do I get from you?

My standard headshot package includes 3 retouched images of your choice that can be downloaded from your personal online gallery for both web & print (high resolution), also in color and black & white.

Do you offer printing?

The printing I offer is for photo enlargements (canvas), albums and other keepsake prints which is different than headshot prints. I recommend getting your headshots printed in bulk from Online headshot printers. There are a ton of other headshot printers out there too including Headshot printing and Colorworks NYC.

Do you offer retouching services?

Yes. I retouch all of your final image selections, which is included in all of my packages. My retouching involves removal of blemishes and distracting hairs, brightening eyes and clearing up any under eye circles. I do a non-destructive, natural retouching to keep your natural skin texture. If you like the way my photos look on my website, then you will like the way I retouch. If you have a specific request, please let me know at the time you make your selections, otherwise I will use my professional judgement to finalize your image.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

My cancellation and refund policies are clearly stated in my contract, which you are required to sign to book your shoot with me. I do have a cancellation fee if you cancel your shoot and do not reschedule.

Do to the custom nature of this work, I cannot provide any refunds. However in the unlikely event that you are completely dissatisfied with your images, I will offer a reshoot at a discounted rate.

How can I use my images?

Your images can be used for all personal & professional promotion; which includes printing headshots, composite cards, modeling portfolios, show program bios, editorial/news and online (social media, your website, editorial).

If you are looking to use your photos for more commercial purposes (i.e./album or book cover, advertising campaign, logo, etc), let me know so we can make the proper arrangements for usage.

When was this FAQ updated?

This FAQ page was updated on May 24, 2015.