June 2015

Men's Portrait Photographer
Modern Portrait Photography Last summer I received an inquiry from a lady named Lisa asking about a Men’s Portrait Photoshoot that she wanted to purchase for her friend as a Christmas gift. It was July and I knew that people would be spending the summer buying and hiding Holiday gifts for

NYC actor headshots
Gerard’s Actor Headshots Gerard is a Film/TV actor and he came to me to update his headshots for TV and Film. For Gerard’s headshots, we switched things up with his background options to give him a variety of looks to submit for different castings. We wanted to create something really

Photography Studio Essentials
Building Your Photography Studio Whether you’re a headshot photographer or a boudoir photographer, you’ll notice that you’ve started to collect things that help you out on photoshoots with your clients. Building a photography studio is a process and if you’re like me, it’s been something that’s taken time. I’m not talking